Reinforcement of Certainty

Logical arguments for the existence of God

While the belief in God’s existence and His creation of the universe is taken for granted by instinct for many people, creationists have established substantial proofs of its inevitability. These proofs vary in their methods of inference and deduction as well as in their  strengths and weaknesses.


The collection of the valid proofs clearly indicates that the belief in the existence of God is neither a case of sentimental submission nor that it is based solely on the inability to provide valid contrary evidence. Rather, it is simply a matter of a deductive reasoning and sound inference.


Additionally, highlighting the diversity in the evidence for God’s existence is very important, as it shows and warns against the misleading paths and logical fallacies which some atheists use to cast doubt on God’s existence. They usually shed light on a few weak cases, and criticize them by unveiling their weaknesses then eventually utilize them to lay foundations for skepticism and uncertainty in the remaining proof which the believers have used for the  existence of God.


In this context, it is worth noting how inferring with wrong or weak evidence can be dangerous, as this would not benefit the truth and would only harm instead. Surely, the truth does not need as many proofs  as it requires robust, coherent and logical proofs.  Verily, a single well-constructed and free of objection evidence is way better than twenty weak proofs of vulnerable foundations.


Before we start elaborating and discussing proofs, we will address the viability of deducing God’s Existence and then state some proofs.

Translated by: Muhannad Waleed

Revised by: Dr.Antar Abdellah

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