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Why has God created us?

Why does He want us to worship Him when He is in no need of us?

Why has God created us?
Why does He want us to worship Him when He is in no need of us?

The creation of the universe and what it contains is most amazing. It fills us all with wonder. Man cannot produce anything comparable to God’s creation, even in the smallest living beings that have a spirit. Flies are the simplest such beings, and that they are in existence makes the universe more complete. Everything in the universe testifies to the perfection of the One who has produced it, perfect as it is.

When we look at the perfect order that operates in the universe and the precision noticed in all its aspects, we conclude that it is all for a clear purpose, determined by divine wisdom. It cannot be the result of a random occurrence.

It is a logical conclusion that the purpose behind such creation should be consistent with the perfection of the Creator of these great things that testify for the majesty, wisdom and perfection of their Creator.

The perfection of the Creator of the universe and the completeness of the purpose of bringing His creation into existence require that He makes Himself known to His creation, planting into their nature what points to Him and revealing to them, in whatever way He chooses, details that inform the created beings of their Creator.

The only relationship that can exist between these small and weak beings that have been perfectly created and their great and majestic Creator is one of submission, gratitude, praise and glorification. This is what God requires of His creation.

A question is raised here: Is it not true to say that God does not need us or our worship? The answer is that it is certainly true, but we are always in need of Him. A follow-up question is: What is the connection between the two. The answer is: God has created us and He gives us what we need for our lives. He controls our lives, and this means that He is in no need of us. We need Him, and worship is the practical translation and manifestation of this natural relationship. If we do not worship Him, we meet His kindness with ingratitude and arrogance.

God does not order us to give Him something He needs, but He orders us to do what the nature of the relationship between Him and us necessitates. This is the meaning of telling us that He is in no need of anything in all the worlds, and telling us at the same time that He is not pleased with disbelief by His servants.

The first statement, that God is in no need of all the worlds, tells us that He is perfect while we are imperfect. The second statement lays down what this entails. The point is that our existence is made complete by His existence. Anyone who insists on being complete and self-fulfilling contradicts both logic and practical necessity. Such contradiction, which is grossly impudent, incurs a suitable punishment. To leave it unpunished is to permit the worst travesty of the greatest truth in the universe. As such, it would condone the worst type of injustice.

True justice does not permit this. At this point we need to reflect on the meanings of the following three verses of the Qur’an:‘Had the truth been in accord with their desires, the heavens and the earth, together with all that lives in them, would surely have been in utter corruption’.(23: 71)

‘Say:“Does any of your partners [whom you associate with God] guide to the truth?”
Say:“God alone guides to the truth. Who is more worthy to be followed: He that guides to the truth, or he who cannot find the right way unless he is guided? What is then amiss with you? How do you judge?”’(10: 35)

‘We have not created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them otherwise than in accordance with the truth’.(46: 2)

In conclusion, it is useful to reflect on the following verses and understand their message: ‘We have not created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them in mere idle play. Had We willed to indulge in a pastime, We would indeed have found one near at hand; if ever We were to do so! Nay, but We hurl the truth against falsehood, and it crushes the latter, and behold, it withers away. 

But woe to you for all your false claims. To Him belong all those who are in the heavens and the earth. Those that are with Him are never too proud to worship Him and never grow weary of that. They extol His limitless glory by night and day, tirelessly. Or have they taken for worship some earthly deities who can restore the dead to life? Had there been in heaven or on earth any deities other than God, both would surely have fallen into ruin! But limitless in His glory is God, Lord of the Throne, and exalted is He above all that they attribute to Him!He cannot be questioned about whatever He does, whereas they shall be questioned’. (21: 16-23)

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